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Rev. Dr. Art HenSchen ThD.   

Dr. Art retired following a very successful career in Mergers and Acquisitions involving several Wall Street private equity firms. He now applies his business development, sales and marketing skills to Church Building, evangelism and outreach.

He acquired his MDIV graduating from seminary after earning credits over a course of more than twenty years. Dr. Art obtained his ThD. in 2008 and authored a 335 page book on Martin Luther.

Dr. Art and his team are available on request to consult with you and design a site specific plan to Grow Your Church.

We prayerfully endeavor with you to achieve God's plan for your Church, community and congregation. 

Please call for a free consultation and information on how we can Grow Your Church.


Phone 815-545-5858 or E-mail For your convenience you may also utilize the CONTACT US FORM found on the HOME PAGE MENU.

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Getting Started

Phone 815-545-5858 or E-mail For your convenience you may also utilize the CONTACT US form found on the HOME PAGE MENU.

Our resources are available nationwide. We provide an initial, FREE consultation and will detail our site specific plan, implementation and what the estimated conservative expenditures and fees would be. As promised, unless you are 100% SATISFIED with the results, we would only ask for our agreed upon expenses. If you are 100% satisfied, we would seek a voluntary, free will offering and request you to consider partnering with us on a monthly or annual basis. We, in turn, will continue to support your Grow Our Church plan. 




If you are not 100% satisfied, ONLY previously agreed upon expenses will be assessed.

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